Specimen 7

Artist's Statement

To make an impact on a mature audience, the filmmaker needs to use a multifaceted approach to the craft. This requires taking a strong position on social issues addressed in the narrative and examining the issue from multiple viewpoints. All of this can be accomplished in animation but it comes at the cost of using explicit content and nihilism as a crutch. Rather, the artist should take a more humanist and compassionate approach to animation. By doing so, the animator can successfully engage an adult audience.


Following the production of an animated short film, Specimen 7, this thesis shows how animation can resonate with a mature audience. This animation book details the process of animated filmmaking from initial concept to final render.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the film!

Open Book


Additional Animation:

Heather Marra

Sofia Dubinia

Environment Artist:

Victoria Lake


Noland Vannoy

Sound Attributions